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Primary Care Services

Acute & Chronic Illness

As a board certified family medicine physician,

Dr. Maneen provides primary care services to all ages and stages of life. At Houston Health & Sports Medicine we treat an array of acute conditions like colds, coughs, infections, sprains, strains, concussions, and fractures, as well as chronic conditions like blood pressure, diabetes, weight management, osteoarthritis, and chronic pain. 

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Schedule Your
Wellness Exam Today!

Routine Check Ups, Annual Exams/ Physicals, Medicare Wellness Exams, Well Child Exams and Sport Physicals are important for staying on top of your health. Don't wait to schedule a wellness exam for the whole family. Many yearly/annual exams are covered fully by your insurance once a year. They may include counseling and many routine tests like blood work, mammograms, bone density exams, etc.  

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